Released from Shame

Moving Beyond the Pain of the Past

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About the Book

Do you feel that your problem is not what you do but who you are?
Caught in patterns of destructive relationships?
That you never get enough affirmation?
Afraid you’ll pass bad patterns along to your children?
That God probably loves you less than others?
If these questions fit you, you may be experiencing shame. Often shame comes from being raised in a family that has an impaired ability to provide its members with healthy nurturing. As a result, you carry emotional scars into adult life, longing for happiness but feeling unworthy of it. Sandra Wilson knows much about “shame-based” families–both from personal experience and from her years as a family therapist. Drawing from this background, she teaches you biblical principles that have helped her and many others work through painful issues and learn new, healthier ways to live. In this revised edition, Wilson also includes help for parents who want to break the intergenerational cycle of shame and give their children a “grace-based” foundation for life.

Series: Resources for Readers
Genres: Christian Living, Psychology
Tags: Freedom, Healing, Hope, Shame
Publication Year: 2009
ISBN: 0830823344
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