Submitting your writing for critique may feel like a risk. What if my writing isn’t good enough? What if my ideas are stupid? What if I’ve worked so hard for nothing?

What if you’ve come this far only to let the perceived risk keep you from taking the next step?

A critique from an industry professional offers you many benefits. Here are several:

  • A knowledgable evaluation of your strengths as a writer and an assessment of areas for continued growth
  • An educated evaluation of your project including craft, content, and structure
  • The assurance that you’re submitting your best possible work to agents and editors or for self-publication
  • Encouragement to keep going, keep working, and to keep writing
A critique partner is only as valuable as their experience.


I’ve spent more than two decades studying the craft of writing and honing my skills. I’ve written for publication for well over a decade. I’ve written complete manuscripts, worked through both the substantive and copy editing stages with editors, and seen projects through each phase of the publication process.

I know how to structure a blog post, article, short story, and fiction and non-fiction manuscript. I understand the importance of showing versus telling, of resisting the urge to explain, of watching for redundancies, and a host of other nuances of the craft. And, each of my novels have received critical acclaim and/or awards from industry professionals.

I critique thousands of pages each year and have found that even an uneducated writer can, if they’re willing to do the work, learn the craft of writing. 

While I believe the mechanics of writing can be learned, there is something that cannot be taught–whether it is gift or talent bestowed or something more, something other. Perhaps it is as simple as willingness. A willingness to listen to the silence, to engage with the silence, to venture into the unknown. To release control and allow the work to lead the way. I challenge each of my clients, just as I challenge myself. To be. To trust. To relinquish. Those who are willing are, perhaps, the writers who become artists.


While knowledge and experience are important, they aren’t everything…

A good critic also knows how to impart knowledge in a way that doesn’t wound. My top value as a critic of manuscripts is to critique with a compassionate heart.

I critique:

  • Articles
  • Devotionals
  • Query Letters
  • Book Proposals
  • Fiction Synopses
  • Partial or Complete Manuscripts (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

I do not critique the following:

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Erotica or sexually explicit material

Critiques are done using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word which gives you a fully annotated review of your manuscript: comments, feedback, and encouragement. Each critique is accompanied by a summary that highlights the strengths of the manuscript, points out areas of suggested improvement, and offers craft instruction through links to pertinent posts or resources.

Critique Rates:

Please refer to my formatting requirements.

  • Articles and devotionals: $5.00 per page
  • Query Letters – 1 page: $25.00
  • Fiction Synopsis – 1 page: $40.00
  • Book Proposal, including three sample chapters (60 page maximum) $275.00

Manuscript Critiques

  • First 10 pages: $40.00 – Take advantage of this special price to get a feel for the critique process.
  • First 40 pages: $200.00
  • Partial manuscript: 
    • 1 – 99 pages: $5.00 per page
    • 100 – 199 pages: $4.50 per page
  • Full manuscript: $4.00 per page (minimum 200 pages)

To submit your work first reference the formatting requirements then complete the submission form, upload your file, and checkout. It’s just that easy. If you have questions, please email me:

I look forward to working with  you!

Critique Submission Form.