Christ’s Church Women’s Retreat, New Mexico

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Digging Deep to Face Truth Instead Of Running Away

by Cheri Gregory & Amy Carroll | with Ginny L. Yttrup

Surrender in the Deep

by Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young | with Ginny L. Yttrup

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One of the great joys of my life is

“declaring the praises of Him who called me out of darkness into His wonderful light,” and encouraging others in their pursuit of God.

How did a young woman who rarely spoke a word become someone who speaks in front of audiences? That’s a piece of the amazing story God’s authored for me that I often share when I speak.

Whether it’s a women’s retreat or a workshop, the opportunity to connect with women, focus on God, His love, His healing, and His plans for our lives, is an absolute honor.

I love watching God “work a room” from the platform, and I’m humbled by the authentic conversations that follow afterward when women dare to share their stories with me one-on-one.

As an award-winning novelist and coach to both nonfiction and fiction writers, I also enjoy teaching at writers conferences, and leading writing retreats for small groups.

I’d love to discuss your event with you.

Lifehouse Church Women’s Brunch, Rocklin, California

Christ Community Church Women’s Retreat,

Carmichael, California

2019 Events


January 25 – 27 – Edomonton, Alberta

Break Forth One


March 22 – 23 – Carmichael, California

Christ Community Church – Retreat


April 12 – 16 – Mount Hermon, California

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference


June 1 – Hayward, California

Christ’s Community Church – Women’s Retreat


August 10 – Roseville, California

Bridgeway Christian Church – Coffee Connection


2020 Events


February 25, 26 – Roseville, California

Bridgeway Christian Church – MOPS


February 28 – 29 – Livermore, California

West Coast Christian Writers LIT Masterclass


June 7 – 12 – Somerset, California

Writing at the Red House Advanced Fiction Retreat – Writer in Residence


Some of My Topics


  • The Story Of You
  • Livin’ Life to the Full
  • Retreats based on my novels:
    • Words
    • Lost and Found
    • Invisible
    • Home


  • Healing from Sexual Trauma

For Writers

  • Weekend Retreats for Fiction or NonFiction Writers
  • ¬†Workshops
    • Trusting God with Your Dream
    • Writing Life Experience Fiction
    • I Have a Story, Now What?
    • Fictionalize – Writing Your Personal Story as Fiction