Four women in love. Four fractured romances. Through their friendships with one another, will they uncover the illusion that's keeping them from their hearts' desires?

Ellyn—chef, café owner, and newlywed—loves her life as Mrs. Miles Becker, but does her husband love their life together? Ellyn isn’t sure. Doesn’t it make sense that he may still have feelings for his first wife, the woman he lost to cancer after nearly thirty years of marriage? And what about Nerissa, Miles’s closest friend? Why didn’t he marry her?

After her divorce, Nerissa committed to live as the bride of Christ. But her commitment is challenged when her financial security is threatened. Sensing trouble, her daughter, Twila, returns home to stand by her mom, leaving her fiancé behind. Yet Nerissa’s sense of aloneness persists, leading her into dangerous waters.

Pia, at nineteen, in the throes of love and passion, has her dreams shattered when her boyfriend reveals a truth he’s withheld. And when her mother, Rosa, learns that truth? She’ll do everything in her power to keep Pia and Manuel apart. Only Pia’s Auntie Ellyn understands the level of her mother’s control.

As Ellyn, Nerissa, Twila, Pia, and Rosa struggle together, will they, through the friendships they share with one another, uncover the illusion that’s keeping each of them bound?

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About the Book
Genres: Women's Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction
Publisher: Shelterwood Press
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781732874022

List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 5.99
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